Revenue Cycle Management – Do It Right!

In the medical world, revenue cycle management is really about the life of a patient account from creation to payment. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Ha! Managing revenue cycle in healthcare is just plain hard. The flow in the revenue cycle includes many processes that affect each other, and all is good if each process runs smoothly and according to the plan. It is when a process “bends, cracks or breaks” that problems begin and this can happen at any point in the cycle. That’s why it is imperative to have the right people, processes and workflows in place so “bends, cracks or breaks” can be identified and corrected as quickly as possible. Outsourcing to a partner with revenue cycle management expertise allows you the ability to maintain control of your accounts receivable and be assured that the “bends, cracks or breaks” will be identified and fixed as soon as possible. In upcoming posts we will explore various components in the revenue cycle process as well as to identify what to look for in your revenue cycle management partner.

Posted by Sandy Rutherford